Saturday, 5 May 2018

Frank Monte: So, Why Did You Choose a Career in Law?

Frank Monte is an aspiring attorney, and is soon to wrap up his undergraduate career in the hopes of earning enrollment in a quality law program. Determined and passionate, Frank Monte hopes to show the world not only that anything is, in fact, possible, but that the downtrodden and vulnerable do indeed have a voice when it comes to facing a complex and challenging legal issue.

As Frank Monte knows, there are numerous reasons a law school candidate chooses to set themselves on such a career path. Some of the more common reasons include:

The opportunity to serve clients. Regardless of whether you’re dispassionately pursuing the interests of the state, or are providing pro-bono representation to the impoverished, you have the opportunity to represent, protect and serve the needs of clients when they need it the most.

The intellectual challenge. The law is considerably complex, and provides the attorney complex problems to navigate and solve on a daily basis.

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